Monday, February 18, 2013

{within-spiration | moooi furniture}

For this week's Within Shops segment we take you to Moooi. Here is another gorgeous find that we ran into in Amsterdam. Everything in this showroom was Art! The lighting was the first thing we noticed. My personal favorite was the gi-normous white chandelier! I was dieing to bring it home to Within Studio and hang it in our office. But, alas, it was too large.

Nevertheless, we are determined to bring this to Tucson in some way! Someday
After we recouped from falling in love with the lights, we did it all over again with their furniture and accessories. It was one wonderful piece after another. Our favorite, the pig table, for sure...followed by the deconstructed Louis IV was all amazing! All these shots were taken with our iphone, so you can imagine that they are much better looking in person!

We highly recommend checking out the Moooi Website Here.
Happy Shopping!

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