Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{within eats | 3 links to help you go dutch}

It wouldn't be a complete week for me if I didn't photograph my food! So today we want to talk about FOOD! But not just any food...the art of the Dutch Open-Faced Sandwich! At first I wondered how the Dutch ate so much food and stayed so trim, but now I get it! They don't eat a foot long Subway Sandwich. They open up their sandwiches to the experience of everything inside of it! And lets not overlook the beautiful display of garnish. Most of these photos that I took come from pubs in Amsterdam. When was the last time your neighborhood pub served you a plate like this?

So if you need some more inspiration... here are some links for you..
The Dutch Table... food blog 
A Touch of Dutch...for shopping
All Recipies ...for a yummy vegetarian open-faced sandwich recipe
Bon Appetit!

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