Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Good morning designistas! Or good afternoon if you are visitng us from another country!
Today we want to continue talking about Holland! We were there for three wonderful weeks in November and have been dieing to share the trip with you! We went for INspiration and boy did we find it! This week I am dedicating to The Netherlands! So for today's post I want to talk about FOOD! We had the most delicious cheese and vegetables and bread while we were there! The Dutch have cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! We could not believe it! Here are some shots from a dinner that one of the amazing local designers Sjoerd Jonkers and his amazing girlfriend Shibumi Tijssen created for us...... and we cannot forget to mention their dog Uma who was the life of the party!

So if you are in Amsterdam, I highly suggest that you look them up and say hello! They are so very kind, and they cook amazing food! We will have to ask Shibumi for her recipe for the amazing veggie pie and fresh salad. But we know that nothing will compare to the Cheese!
Cheers from Tucson! (although our heart is still in Holland)

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