Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Today's post is one of our most exciting yet!
While visiting Amsterdam we had the pleasure of meeting with Sjoerd Jonkers of Studio Sjoerd Jonkers. We could not believe our eyes!
Everywhere we turned there was something beautiful to look at, to touch, to take a photo of....
Words could not describe how amazing this visit was! Sjoerd took us through his Studio and Showroom. One item was more beautiful than the next.
We had no idea of the wonders you could create from recycling tshirts.
Sjoerd showed us how strips of unused shirts can be transformed into floor mats and stools and ottomans.
Through a specialized weaving process, his Studio creates some gorgeous decorative pieces.
He also showed us how unused foam pices can be transformed into modern outdoor cushions.
But our most favorite pieces were these Neolastic Vases and stools! Check out how it's done here:

For more on Studio Sjoerd Jonkers, check out these videos below!

You can check out more great photos on his Facebook Page Here.

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Karen said...

What fantastic photos. The vase making process is amazing!

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