Monday, January 14, 2013

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Good Morning Friends!
Today I am writing to you from my desk about a topic that has come up recently. Many people have asked my firm what our thoughts are on adding wood in a bathroom. Typically the conversation is about wood floors and some people tend to shy away from that due to the damadge that it could potentially do to your floor. Lets face it though, if you have a leak in your sink or toilet, it will hurt pretty much everything. It all depends how long you let it sit there.
Still, some people are really cautious. They love the wood look and feel but are too scared to put it on the floor. Counters are also very gorgeous in wood, but the fear persists. We think wood is a splendid option in a bathroom and it really helps warm things up and give you the "spa" feel you are looking for. Here are some inspirational images that may change your mind about wood. We love It!
What do you think?


Florencia DeRoussel

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