Friday, December 28, 2012

{simply sweet | heart holiday}

Cheers to Love!
Hope everyone is having a very sweet Holiday Season!

We love to create these mini collages and share with others...
and then we make them our desktop backgrounds for the week!
Puts a smile on our face, and hopefully yours too!
Within Studio

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

{winter 2013 | pastel trends}

Hello Designistas!
How are your holidays going?
Today we wanted to share a trend with you that we received thanks to
the Winter Holiday 2013 report from Stylesight!
Pastels are making a huge comeback this Holiday Season!
Soft shades are complimenting the darker craft paper...
and sweet gum drop buttons and pretty tissue paper are finding
their way into our decor and gift wrapping.
We LOVE it!

Friday, December 21, 2012

{simply sweet | nancy zeiger}

The weekend is here!
What are you up to? 
The holiday season is upon us... lots of love and giving back
and spending time with loved ones!
Hope this weekend is full of LOVE for you!
Cheers and Love from Within Studio!

today's post was brought to you from the Pinterest collection of Nancy Zeiger!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

{within winter}

Aaaah December is one of our favorite months!
Isn't it glorious? We love being downtown and people watching
while we work.  There are so many people passing by,
dressed up and warm and going about their day...smiling...
feeling the Love that December brings!
For today's post we chose some Holiday Inspired photographs
that have really been giving us ideas for interior decor!
The red and white of the candy cane next to the neutral twine and the crisp white....
The delicate reindeer on a small box... and who doesn't love Birds! 

We hope that you find a photo in this post that speaks to you..and maybe inspires YOU today!
Within Studio

Photo thanks to Stylesight

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{within fashion | juliette hogan}

Hello Lovelies!
We stumbled upon a fashion designer, Juliette Hogan and wanted to share this with you!
Sometimes we feel that we are so busy working that we miss out on
some amazingly gifted designers.  So today is all about Juliette and some of our
favorite looks from her collections.  Her styles are effortless and so delicate!

So Chic!
within studio

Monday, December 17, 2012

{within-spiration | windows + doors}

It's time for another one of our favorite segments here at Within Studio...
Within Pins!
We'd love to share some of our latest Pinterest pins wtih you!
Today's share comes from our Within Doors board on Pinterest.
(we really pin windows and doors, because we love them all)

Our collection includes doors from all over the world!
Inside and Out. There is beauty everywhere!
If you have any fabulous doors, please share them with us!
Happy Pinning!
Within Studio

Friday, December 14, 2012

{simply sweet | traveling arizona}

Hello friends!
What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans?
Well, we've got one for you... 
Roadtrip! Nothing is more exciting to us then getting to know the beautiful state of Arizona!
Hop in the car and go visit a nearby town!
Take in the sites, the antique shops, and some delicious food! =)
There are so many treasures waiting to be found!
Good Luck!

Don't forget your instagram and your sketchbook!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

{within-spiration | trim the tree}

Tis the season! 
Is your tree trimmed? 
Well, if not, here are some last minute decorating ideas
brought to you by Selfridges & Co 

Happy Shopping!
Within Studio

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

{within shops | haus interior}

Good Morning Designistas!!
Do you needs some design inspiration today? How about some online shopping?
Today we share with you one of our favorite online stores, Haus Interior.
Here are some of our favorite picks from their site!

Hope you enjoy their site as much as we did!
These pieces could add a great finishing touch to anyones home!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{within-spiration | plaid for the holidays}

Hello Designistas!
It seems as if Plaid is Everywhere these days!
We have seen it in clothing and napkins and rugs and even lamps!
Not sure if we want to see it eveywhere, but as an accent, we think Plaid is genius.
Now, we know that plaid is essential for the Holiay Season, but just be careful
not to go overboard.  A little plaid can go a long way.  Perhaps a throw on your sofa,
or napkins on a solid tablecloth.  The key is to pick where you want people to look, 
and put plaid there so grab their eye! Just like any focal point, you want to lead
guests through a space and these pops of color help attract their attention.
Good Luck! and remember, just a little plaid!

Monday, December 10, 2012

{within red}

As you all know, RED is our signature color!

So when we spot it, we have to share it!

Here are some of our latest Spots of our favorite color!

We heart Red!!!! 


within studio

Friday, December 7, 2012

{simply sweet}

We absolutely love Winter Time!

Hope you do something relaxing and maybe a little sweet this weekend!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

{holiday inspiration}

December is here! 

Decorations are going up and everyone is planning

trips here and there...lots to see, lots to do,

and it feels like time is flying!

We hope that this holiday season we can all take a moment

to give Thanks for all of the amazing people in our lives!

Our idea is to go and Bake some cookies!

Nothing says I LOVE You like a home made cookie, so that's our plan!

Home made and Hand wrapped! =)

Easy on the wallet and big on the Heart!


Within Studio



photo thanks to Stylesight.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{within shops}

Today we take you to one of our new favorite shops, Jonathan Adler in New York.

We are completely smitten with all of their items!

Here are a few of our favorites that we wanted to share with you!

I mean, where else can you get a brass bull and a prim & proper salt and pepper shaker set? Right?


Happy Shopping!

~within studio 

Monday, December 3, 2012

{within insight}

Time for a trend report!

It looks like Cobalt Blue is dominating contemporary home design.

Look at what's been spotted these past few months at West Elm, Anthropologie, Liberty, and Loft.

Here in the Southwest, that is a great color to work with and something that never goes out of style.  

It's refreshing to see that the rest of the U.S. has caught up with our trend!

Take a look!

"Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple." Willy Wonka