Monday, October 29, 2012

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Good morning Designistas!

Today we wanted to share one of the projects that we are working on at the moment.

Below is the inspiration collage for our clients living room color palette.

They currently have a creamy yellow microsuede sofa that we were thinking of recovering.

Since it is in great condition, we decided to come up with a new color scheme using that yellow hue.

Our first idea was to mix the yellow with yummy creams and delicate browns.

Or second concept was to use bluish gray tones and splashes of white and black.

Which option do you prefer?

We would Love to heart your thoughts!




Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{Presenting Design Shuffle}

Designistas! How are you? Did you miss us? Well we are BACK! After a little vacation for inspiration..we are ready to bring you all the latest!

We'd like to kick it off with a guest blogger Mari from Design Shuffle!  

The holidays are almost here and we are probably all looking to refresh our homes!

Lets start with one of the most important rooms in a home...the bathroom!

Take it away Mari!

Hello, everyone! I'm Mari, a writer for Design Shuffle, the fantastic social media site for interior designers and design enthusiasts. There you will find lots of decorating and design inspiration. As part of my job I often have the opportunity to visit lovely interior design blogs like Within Studio's to share some of my favorite rooms. Today's guest post is about irresistible bathrooms. When it comes to our personal interior spaces, beauty or in this case irresistibility, is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Here are eight rooms in a range of looks that we hope will inspire you to create your very own irresistibly beautiful bath. Please enjoy!

Contemporary, but warm and inviting with interesting eclectic elements, this irresistible bath is lovely in its simplicity.

There's so much to love about this space—sculptural tub, gorgeous intricately detailed floor mirror, unexpected Moroccan pouf.


This black and white bathroom is all traditional loveliness, from its stained wood floor to a delicately patterned ceiling.

My favorite elements? I love the metallic look of the free-standing tub, the Chinoiserie wallpaper and the restrained pops of red.

For those who find more colorful, and more contemporary, interior designs for bathrooms irresistible, this one just might be a perfect fit.

I love the brilliant hues in the tile work.

Who could resist the calm soothing atmosphere of this spa-like bathroom retreat?

I love the bamboo ladders as towel racks. The lighting is fabulous.

This amazing bath will surely set hearts aflutter among interior designers and homeowners who have fallen for the rustic look.

Stonework and wood shine here.

The romantics among us may find a bath like one this hard to resist.

Soft and feminine, the enlarged painting detail turned into a mural with antiqued finish is lovely as a backdrop for the copper tub.

For those who love outdoor bathroom designs, this rooftop design should prove irresistible with its stunning minimalist look.

No outdoor space or grand view? It's easy to get the feel of the great outdoors with one of today's mural wallcoverings. Here, it would be easy to get lost in the forest during a long leisurely bath in this contemporary soaking tub. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Thanks for joining me today. Which bathroom do you find irresistible? Do share in the comments below :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

{3 Story Magazine}







We are thrilled about the latest online magazine, 3 Story Magazine

Have you heard of it? 

It was brought to life by three amazing women.


Two architect/designers + One Journalist + Love of Tucson, Arizona = Simply Awesome

They were looking for a magazine to give them everything they ever wanted and more...

and a place to showcase all the amazing wonders of Tucson!  There is a community spirit here that is unlike 

anything they've witness elsewhere... so why not capture it and share it with others!

This magazine serves as a platform for all of the amazing talent in this city!

Today they launched the second issue of 3 Story Magazine and Within Studio is smitten!

Each issue is filled with interviews, tips, ideas, and great photos!

Their second issue showcased an interview with our principal, Florencia DeRoussel.






In their segment "Pleased to Meet You" will find the following interview...

Florencia Turco DeRoussel, principal of Within Studio, on etiquette, old-fashioned phones, and why she might say no to Oprah.

Florencia Turco deRoussel

Photo courtesy of Within Studio

Are you an early bird or night owl? “Neither. I like to think of myself as a midday hummingbird. I’m at my most productive between 9am and 3pm. I’m flapping my wings, getting things done. I never get to bed before 10pm; I’m involved with a lot of non-profits so I always have events I have to attend. And I have to be up by 7am. But mornings are really bad for me. The earlier I get up, the worse I feel. It’s like I’ve been pregnant my entire life.”

Favorite accessory? “My red phone. It’s an old classic telephone piece that hooks up to your iPhone. I got it I love it because modern phones heat up really fast and with this I can coil the red cord around my fingers like I did as a kid with my grandmother’s phone.”

Pop phone

Photo: Native Union

Favorite faux pas“I had an intern and she was Muslim and one day my colleague and I said we were going out for lunch and to have some wine. She looked at us and she said ‘I can’t’ and she went quiet. Etiquette says you should not offer a women liquor, and also it was Ramadan so she was fasting anyway. I felt I should know better.”

Dream client? “Who wouldn’t like to have Trump or Oprah because there’s nothing they couldn’t do. But anyone could put $1m into a home and it would look fabulous. For me it’s more creative to take something from Target and make it look trendy. My dream client would be a woman leaving a women’s shelter for the first time. How wonderful would it be for me to work with people who couldn’t afford me? If I could dedicate time to helping women create a home for themselves for the first time, that would be awesome. I would love to look at adding a non-profit entity to my company for something like that.”

If I wasn’t an interior designer I would be… “A food and wine critic. I know nothing about food but I love to eat. I know nothing about wine but I love to drink. I would eat and drink my way around the world and have them all be scared when I went into their restaurant.”

If I could change one thing I would... “Make HGTV come with a disclaimer that said ‘All designers are not like this!’ It’s a false reality. The shows are fun but it’s not real. Coming in and spray painting a laminate countertop and expecting things to last, it’s giving our clients a false sense of what’s really doable.”

Florencia is the owner of interior design firm Within Studio, part of 88 Cushing, a collection of multiple design disciplines in downtown Tucson.


We cannot wait for the future issues!!!





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