Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{within-spiration | plaid for the holidays}

Hello Designistas!
It seems as if Plaid is Everywhere these days!
We have seen it in clothing and napkins and rugs and even lamps!
Not sure if we want to see it eveywhere, but as an accent, we think Plaid is genius.
Now, we know that plaid is essential for the Holiay Season, but just be careful
not to go overboard.  A little plaid can go a long way.  Perhaps a throw on your sofa,
or napkins on a solid tablecloth.  The key is to pick where you want people to look, 
and put plaid there so grab their eye! Just like any focal point, you want to lead
guests through a space and these pops of color help attract their attention.
Good Luck! and remember, just a little plaid!

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