Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{art inspiration}

While in New York City, we visited Skot Foreman Fine Art.

There were many things to see, but our favorite was Flower Lady II by Peter Max.

We have a "thing" for flowers if you haven't noticed yet.

The other piece that stuck out was Hand with Flowers by Andy Warhol.

We found this gallery during an afternoon walk in the city.

This is an example of what wonderous things you can find if you just go and explore!

We had the pleasure of meeting Skot Foreman and are hoping to work with him on future projects.

If you are looking for Fabulous Art and a great person to work with, then this is where you need to go!

Skot Foreman Fine Art






Here's a fun link to browse:

Exceptional Complete Portfolio of Mao by Andy Warhol Offered on artnet Auctions

Monday, May 30, 2011

{within eats}

Good Morning Designers!

Today we introduce you to our newest Design Segment "Within Eats"

Here we will share with you some fabulous finds in delicious food!

We will go inside the restaurants that we love and share our finds with you!

Today we take you to a New York City restaurant that we fell in love with!

Welcome to Industria Argentina.

While walking in Tribeca we came across a little sign with Industria Argentina written on them...

Since we are from Argentina, we had to stop in!

So glad that we did!

We had two empanadas (beef, corn) paired with a glass of their house Mablec.

Every single bit was delicious!

We sat outide, on the Ikea table and chairs (that we have in our home),

so we instantly loved it!

Great service, Great food, and the interiors were quiet, distinguished, and comforting.

A+ !!

You can find Industria Argentina at

329 Greenwich Street

New York, NY. 10013



Happy Fooding!


Friday, May 27, 2011

{great sits}

Today's "Great Sits" Edition comes from our New York City trip!

We took these images while paroosing Mondo Cane.

Have you heard of this company?

Here is their story from their Website:

Mondo Cane was founded in 1994 and since then has been a regular exhibitor at Modernism events in New York, Miami and Palm Springs and Los Angeles.
In September 2000 Mondo Cane opened its first shop in Chelsea. By 2004 Mondo Cane had outgrown its Chelsea location and decided to move the gallery to 174 Duane Street in Tribeca.
Working with architect William Massie, Mondo Cane was able to create an interesting environment to display their particular vision of the period 1880–1980. Major designers, architects and artists are represented along with what might be Mondo Cane’s strongest point—lesser known and anonymous artisans and designers.
The shop’s inventory and design lean toward the unusual and unpredictable."

You can find them here:
174 Duane Street
New York, NY. 10013

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello Lovelies!

We have missed you so much!

There are tons of things we want to share with you!

New York City! Las Vegas! Oh so much!

But today...

today we start with Arizona.

Back in March we took a little "inspirational" hiking trip...

Here are some of our favorite Details that we wanted to share with you!

Nature can do amazing things!

Many times we are so rushed to get our drive through lattes and

texting important meeting times and of course the most important Facebook updates!

But with all of our speed, we forget about the best and most gifted designer that we know,


So I hope that this weekend you all take some time...and notice the little things.



Thursday, May 19, 2011

{wish me here}

Today is Thursday and although we are at the HD Expo.....

if we could close our eyes and go somewhere..right now...it would be Here!

Take us to Falling Water!

A beautiful masterpiece just waiting for a visitor like me!

"The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy believes that Fallingwater is more than the sum of its parts: the architect, the client, the architecture, the art, the land and the period. It is the inspired coming together of these parts that makes Fallingwater a great work worthy of preservation."

Our dear friend Roy Young is their Curator of Education!

We can't wait to go for a visit!

Until then.... pictures will have to do!

Definitely check out their website. They have an amazing interactive section under the "explore" tab!

You can also download floor plans and elevations! Amazing!

Happy Thursday to all!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{mad inspiration}

We promised you New York Images!

So here is a teaser post until we return!

On our last day in the city we went to the Museum of Arts and Design... or MAD.

It was amazing! On display were:

"The Global Africa Project"

"Stephen Burks: Are you a Hybrid?"

"Judy Chicago Tapestries: Woven by Audrey Cowan"


"A Bit of Clay on The Skin: New Ceramic Jewelry"

Now we didn't take a lot of images... but here are just a few for your taste buds!

While walking back and forth from the exhibits.. we used the stairs...and wow.. there was even

INspiration there!

Here is our favorite stairwell with beautiful Glass Flowers!

Aren't they Gorgeous!!!??!!

Well, I hope these tie you over for the rest of the week!

See you all on Monday!!

~Within Studio

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{within new york}

We have just returned from an INspiring trip to New York City!

We have tons to share with you! Lots of food! fashion! fun! and lots more!

Within Studio is of to the HD Expo this week and we will be back in the office on Monday!

Stay tuned for new Posts!!!

See you in a Week!


Within Studio and Florencia!

Monday, May 16, 2011

{gimmie jimmie}

Tell me that you know who Jimmie Martin is!

WE are in LOVE!

This shop takes graffiti, art, londoness, fabulousness, and classic furniture to a new level!

Here are some of Within's favorite pieces!

Love the chairs!

LOVE LOVE the doggie pillows!

What do you think?

We want to know!!!



Friday, May 13, 2011

≈ Stelly's World ≈

Today we share one of our Guest Blogger's Posts! Enjoy!

For Sarah...

"An open road lies ahead of you. A road that is all your own. No matter how many ups and downs you experience, always keep a positive outlook on life. I challenge you! Staying positive has blessed me in so many ways. It is difficult at times, but it can be done. It is essential to keeping a happy heart. Enjoy the sunshine as much as the rain. We must know each to fully experience life. You are a beautiful soul full of joy. Share it with the world around you. Know that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot accomplish. There is a time for everything. Live in the now, not yesterday or tomorrow, but today. You are stronger and more courageous than you may ever know. Be as kind as you are powerful. Live as an example. Be who you are, and you will change your world for the better."

I wrote this a few weeks ago for my cousin Sarah, who will graduate this evening from Beau Chene High School in Arnaudville, Louisiana, with hopes and dreams that will grow and change just as she does.

Today, I write this again for Sarah... and for every Senior out there... for every single soul who wonders whether they can do it or not. I write this for you, whoever you are, wherever you may be, whatever you may be dreaming. You must know without a shadow of a doubt that you are capable of living your dreams.

Here are a few more lovely quotes for you....

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER."
Mark Twain

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

"There are some people who livein a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other."
Douglas H. Everett

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{to sigh for | ph design}

Happy Wednesday Designistas!
Today we wanted to introduce you to a company that perhaps you may not know...
PH Design - Pacific Hospitality Design!
We met them last year at the HD Expo and Loved them instantly!
PHD is a family owned business that provides hospitality and contract furnishings.
We received an email from them last week showcasing their latest installation..and we Had to share with you!

We can't wait to see them at this year's HD Expo!
You can visit their website by following their link above.
You can also check out their blog HERE.
PHD on Linked In Here.
PHD on Twitter Here.
and finally on Facebook Here!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{Retro Competition}

Last week we received another invitation from The Furniture Lab to enter into a competition for the design of a Table Top. The them is RETRO!

Below are the table top Ideas that we entered!

We have entered previous competitions (for which we won Honorable Mentions).

The first one was for a Kids Hospital and you can find our entries HERE

and the next one was for "Travel" click HERE.

For our RETRO series..we entered 4 different tops.

#1 - Game On! Retro means any previous era..so why not just go back to early 80's?

Who didn't love Simon and Asteroids?

#2 - Play it Again - another look at our Retro Games. This time .. a little mix of other classics

#3 - Retro Kids - Do you remember the 50's rockets? The aliens? The teal?

Well we brought it all back for a children's inspired Space Table Top!

#4 - Eye Spy Retro - A great top to spark conversation! Some classice 1950's patterns,

foods, cars, and silly stuff!

Hopefully we'll find more time before the due date to crank out some more!

Until then!

Cheers to some Retro Fun!


Monday, May 9, 2011

{eye magic }

Happy Monday everyone!

Today we wanted to chat about a company called Eye Click.

We will be meeting with them on the 20th of this month at the HD Expo in Las Vegas.

Below are three videos for you..the Eye Play, Eye Step, and Eye Touch

You can visit their You Tube page HERE.

And their website HERE.

Hope you enjoy the show!

See you all tomorrow!


Friday, May 6, 2011

{the big apple}

Designers! Friends! How are you on this beautiful Friday!

Today, Within Studio is Off to New York City!

We have client meetings set up and lots of trend hunting to do!!

We wanted to share a little bit of our itinerary with You!

During our stay we plan on ...

Visiting the MAD Museum. Their current exhibitions include :

"A Bit of Clay on the Skin: Ceramic Jewelry"

"Jucy Chicago Tapestires: Woven by Audrey Cowan"

and "The Global Africa Project"

We will be grabing a bite to eat at Boqueria.

Our five night stay at The Hudson will be fantastic!

We also want to plan a cocktail stop on the rooftop garden of 230 Fifth!

We will also be browsing some of the local Street Fairs during the week!

So there you have it... just a little sneak peek of what we will be up to this week!

Can't wait to get back in town and fill you in!!!

Until then!

Cheers from the Airport!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

{glass inspiration}

While teaching an Interior Design class last week, one of the students introduced us to this video!

It's brilliant!

Five minutes well spent of my time.

You can visit Corning by clicking HERE.

Hope you have an inspired Thursday!!



Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Within Studio was interviewed by 17th and Riggs last month!

In case you missed it...we wanted to share!
We were Thrilled! Below is a copy of the article! You can check out 17th and Riggs by clicking HERE! And the entire article can be found here!

Be Inspired! Interview with Florencia Turco DeRoussel and Within Studio

April 21st, 2011 · No Comments · Inspirational Designers

I’m super excited about this week’s interior designer interview. To me, she is the ultimate combination of entrepreneur and humanitarian. Florencia Turco DeRoussel is a wildly successful interior designer who also is super passionate about helping others. She is one of those rare people that just bubbles with excitement about the world around her. Its a beautiful thing and you can see it resonate in her work. Here are a few images from across her online portfolio that includes some impressive residential and commercial work, ranging from restaurants, office and medical spaces, and retail.

The talented Florencia graciously agreed to answer a few questions for us. She shared some great design tips and incredibly important advice about passion and helping others that we can all follow! Enjoy!

Q: You describe your firm as “full service” offering “interior architecture, space planning, marketing and graphics all joined by one common core, in-ergy”. Can you tell us what this means as a business philosophy and how it affects how you work?

Florencia: Great question! This is a little play on words… mainly because our tag line is “Get Involved, Get Inspired, Go-Within!” When we first were developing the Within name and brand I did a lot of research on IN words.. Insight, Involved, Inspired, Innovation, Interactive, integrity …. and being that I typically tend to have a lot of “energy” it worked… we have IN-ergy! This is how we attack every project..with In-ergy… that is involved, and inspired, and inviting… and interactive… our IN-words come out! It is our company’s integrity! It’s what we believe “in”. We believe that every project no matter how big or small deserves great design and to have Fun doing it!

Q: What impact do you think interior design and the current state of our interior surroundings has on us mentally and emotionally?

F: Interior Design plays a HUGE role on our surroundings. Believe it or not, we play with your mind! We make you feel good or terrified! We help you lose track of time and we help you relax in a spa….

Think about a casino..interesting how you can never find a clock or a window to see what time it is or what time of day it is… and that they are designed in such a way that you can get lost and perhaps…Play more machines and use more money! It’s Brilliant.

Think of Ikea, an amazingly well designed store. You get inspired the minute you walk in… you then take a break and have some lunch..then continue your shopping adventure.. when you get to the end you can see all the SALES..you feel so great and it’s such a bargain you buy them all and THEN just when you think you can escape, you see the Swedish meatballs that you had for lunch and are reminded about how good they were..so you buy a bag or 12. Genius!

My favorite part of Interior Design is when I design a doctor’s lobby or child’s dentist office. When I worked on a pain clinic a few years back, I put myself in the patient’s shoes… they were in so much pain! I chose my lighting and my furniture and my textures and my colors in such a way to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. If I can take away someone’s pain, even for just 30 minutes… then I’ve done my job as a designer.

When I work on a kids dentist office, I bring myself back to being 5 or 6 years old and how terrified I was of the dentist. I think…”what would have worked for me then to make me feel ok?” and then…that’s what I do!

We have the power to impact thousands and thousands of people in one day… we do! Both commercially and residentially… We can make a house into a “home”…

Q: Can you share one design tip for those of us who want to re-energize our home?

F: The most cost effective and FUN way is PAINT!!!! So many of us live with white or cream walls… so here’s your homework… look at your most favorite piece of art work.. perhaps it’s a Birthday card…or maybe it is a book cover… find your inspiration and ask yourself WHY do you love this? Does it make you feel a certain way? Is it the color? Is it the shape?… then sit down with some colors and re-create that feeling.

The beauty of it is that it’s just Paint! You can always paint over it… A beautiful yellow wall… a soft ocean blue room… a tea green… an olive green… tomato red… pastel pink… It can be anything that you want!

Quick tip: buy a quart or sample jar and paint a section of your wall first. Watch the color for 24 hours… watch how the light changes and how the color will change… take note of the surrounding colors in your furniture or the plants outside… all of these colors will bounce around and change your sample… you may need to tweak your decision according to what you see.

Quick tip #2: paint a piece of cardboard and carry it around to different parts of the house… that way you can see what it will look like with different flooring and different furniture.

Q: I know that environmental impact is something that you are conscious of in your work. How has this affected your approach to projects?

F: Some of my clients still are not aware of LEED and Green Products..so number one is to start with education. Then, I introduce samples that are cradle to cradle, or perhaps made of post consumer products, or made with renewable resources… I try to do my part as often as I can and as much as I can. If we all do a little bit, we will live in a new world!

Q: You are passionate about your organization, Ella Group, and making helping others a priority. What words of encouragement or advice do you have for those who have the desire to help but may feel as though they don’t have the time or special talents to commit to worthy causes?

F: I truly believe that anything is possible. Some of us don’t think we have the “time” or the “money”… I was one of those people. Then I realized that I just had to “make” the time…and the money would just come! If you share your beliefs with others, if you share your thoughts and your dreams….then you will attract others that believe what you believe…the money will come… I promise you that. My sister and I had only dreams of starting our nonprofit ELLA Group…and we shared and shared until a group donated $10,000. It was amazing!

As for the talent…we all have the talent to give back…we all have the talent to love and commit ourselves to change…it’s there… What might keep us from doing these things are our own fears, fears of “doing it wrong” or fears of “not looking good”…or fears of “FAILURE”…. but if we don’t try we will never succeed. I met a pro golfer named Maria a few years back and she said this “If you don’t play, you can’t win” …. and I had heard this many many times but it wasn’t until this pro-athlete said it… that it made sense. She was constantly going out to train and would have really bad days…she would lose and lose and lose…. but then, She Won! I knew, that if I didn’t go PLAY in this game of my Life then I would never win.

And so, I’m playing! It’s so much more fun than regret and there is no failure in my world… if something doesn’t work, then I try something else. It doesn’t mean that I failed…it just means that I need to find a different way. So my encouragement… is to find your passion and go out and PLAY! and invite your friends!


Many many thanks to Florencia for making today an inspired day. Visit Within Studio’s website for more information on their interior design services. Do not miss Within Studio’s blog, where Florencia keeps us up to date on interior design, fashion and more! Like Within Studio on facebook and follow Florencia on twitter @TucsonDixie. And of course, don’t forget to visit Ella Group’s website, www.ellagroup.org, to learn more about their efforts to prevent violence for women and children.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{to sigh for | anthropologie}

How many times have you been walking by this store...and
the Window Display just makes you stand and STARE!
Every season we make a special trip to Anthropologie to see what the Designers have Cooked up for us!
Anthropologie creates magic inside their stores! With paper and chairs and egg crates! You name it!
Here are some of our favorite finds of Anthropologie ART!

photo thanks to The Home Bird + Colorfly + Jeanee + Krislocita

Monday, May 2, 2011

{within-spiration | metal details in fashion}

At Within we Love details!
They are Everywhere!
Great design can be found in all things... living and man made...
While doing research for a previous post, I came across some images..of some
regular man made items... a sandal, a ring...and a pair of sunglasses.
Take a gooood look at these items. If you have to imagine yourself as a tiny ant..do that..
look at their architecture...their interior design.. their space, scale, form, and balance...

They may not be great buildings but they are art indeed...
Chloe's sandals...Asos metal kiss ring...and Lindex sunglasses.
Hope you find time today to appreciate the little details in everything!
images by Caroline
"Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple." Willy Wonka