Friday, April 29, 2011

{sweet friday}

It's the last Friday of April!!!
May here we come!
So today... we say goodbye to April with some sweet Spring Photographs!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

{color me blue + green}

Good Morning! It's Thursday!
I have no clue where the week went!

Well.. to get things moving towards the weekend..
today we talk about Color!
We normally don't put all types of blues and greens together..
but This works!
What do you think of this color combination?
Would you use it?
I think we could!

photos from Decorati

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{color me bright}

Welcome to Wednesday!

This week is flying by! Spring is slowly turning into Summer!

But not yet!!

Here at Within we are super inspired by the juicy and exciting colors of Spring!

What came first? The room? or the Louboutins?

Who knows!!

But it's delicious either way!

1. Clutch from Endless

2. Christian Louboutins from Blue Fly

3. Ralph Lauren glasses from Saks Fifth Avenue

Now back to work! It's going to be a beautiful day!


Interior from Interior Design Magazine

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{to sigh for | ithil metal works}

Happy Tuesday Design-istas!
Hope you are having a fabulous day!
Today's post is about Jewelry! Which I love!
The other day I asked a friend of mine about a beautiful statement ring that she was wearing...and
she sent me this site Ithil Metal Works.
I was hooked!
If you click on the "Artists" it says
Ithil Metal Works was founded in 1997 by Israel Ben Haroush and Gilli Dagmi, two young designers who after traveling through many lands established their studio in Tel Aviv. The Ithil collection, inspired by movement and color, is created from sterling silver,gold and semi-precious stones. It reflects the free spirit of Ithil designers, who create pieces to suit the spirit of modern woman of today. We hope you’ll enjoy our jewelry as much as we enjoy creating it.
Ithil Metal Works was founded in 1997 by Israel Ben Haroush and Gilli Dagmi, two young designers who after traveling through many lands established their studio in Tel Aviv. The Ithil collection, inspired by movement and color, is created from sterling silver,gold and semi-precious stones. It reflects the free spirit of Ithil designers, who create pieces to suit the spirit of modern woman of today. We hope you’ll enjoy our jewelry as much as we enjoy creating it.
Below are our favorite pieces!

Happy Shopping and see you all Tomorrow!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Happy Monday All!

Today we introduce a new segment to Within's Blog.. called...


Here we promise to share with you any and all work or non work related information that comes across our desk!

Today's in-formation comes from Paul Bellows in an email he sent to me about Networking!

Below are his helpful 5 Rules of Networking!

1. Nurture Your Network ... Patiently
Don't be a "business-card ninja" ... meaning you walk into a party or gathering, throw 50 business cards around, and leave. When you make a new contact, make a point of remembering something specific about each person. Jot yourself some notes after the event. Most importantly, follow up ... even though you're not sure you can help each other. Think of networking as talking to people when you don't need something. You never know how you might be able to assist each other down the line.
2. Ask How You Can Help
To paraphrase JFK: Ask first not what your contact can do for you, but what you can do for your contact. Find a win-win situation for you and your contact. Be sure your focus is on them and what they need ... not on what you are hoping to get out of them.
3. Know When to Ask – and How
Be conscious of your message. If you are in a true networking situation, the others in the room may want to drag the conversation down by harping on the "poor economy" or "tough market." Be the island of positivity in the sea of negativism! People will be naturally attracted to you.
4. Make the Web Work for You
Be conscious of the time you spend online. Make those 30-40 minutes a day count! Use LinkedIn to stay connected so even if someone switches jobs, you don't lose their contact info. It's even easy to make initial contact with business owners. See if they're on Twitter and become a follower. A gentle contact one day could lead to a great meeting the next!
5. Shake Some Hands
You never know where you might meet your next client. I have heard time and again how my consulting colleagues have picked up clients on the plane on the way to/from meetings! Pay attention next time you are in any social setting. A social introduction one day can lead to a new client down the road.
So, before you set out on your networking journey, be specific with your goals, use technology properly, and go in with an attitude of "give before take." You will get noticed!
For more info you can go to their website at Bellows Consulting or call Paul at 520-603-4274
Thanks Paul for these great hints!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Within Studio was interviewed by 17th and Riggs this month!

We were Thrilled! Below is a copy of the article! You can check out 17th and Riggs by clicking HERE! And the entire article can be found here!

Be Inspired! Interview with Florencia Turco DeRoussel and Within Studio

April 21st, 2011 · No Comments · Inspirational Designers

I’m super excited about this week’s interior designer interview. To me, she is the ultimate combination of entrepreneur and humanitarian. Florencia Turco DeRoussel is a wildly successful interior designer who also is super passionate about helping others. She is one of those rare people that just bubbles with excitement about the world around her. Its a beautiful thing and you can see it resonate in her work. Here are a few images from across her online portfolio that includes some impressive residential and commercial work, ranging from restaurants, office and medical spaces, and retail.

The talented Florencia graciously agreed to answer a few questions for us. She shared some great design tips and incredibly important advice about passion and helping others that we can all follow! Enjoy!

Q: You describe your firm as “full service” offering “interior architecture, space planning, marketing and graphics all joined by one common core, in-ergy”. Can you tell us what this means as a business philosophy and how it affects how you work?

Florencia: Great question! This is a little play on words… mainly because our tag line is “Get Involved, Get Inspired, Go-Within!” When we first were developing the Within name and brand I did a lot of research on IN words.. Insight, Involved, Inspired, Innovation, Interactive, integrity …. and being that I typically tend to have a lot of “energy” it worked… we have IN-ergy! This is how we attack every project..with In-ergy… that is involved, and inspired, and inviting… and interactive… our IN-words come out! It is our company’s integrity! It’s what we believe “in”. We believe that every project no matter how big or small deserves great design and to have Fun doing it!

Q: What impact do you think interior design and the current state of our interior surroundings has on us mentally and emotionally?

F: Interior Design plays a HUGE role on our surroundings. Believe it or not, we play with your mind! We make you feel good or terrified! We help you lose track of time and we help you relax in a spa….

Think about a casino..interesting how you can never find a clock or a window to see what time it is or what time of day it is… and that they are designed in such a way that you can get lost and perhaps…Play more machines and use more money! It’s Brilliant.

Think of Ikea, an amazingly well designed store. You get inspired the minute you walk in… you then take a break and have some lunch..then continue your shopping adventure.. when you get to the end you can see all the feel so great and it’s such a bargain you buy them all and THEN just when you think you can escape, you see the Swedish meatballs that you had for lunch and are reminded about how good they you buy a bag or 12. Genius!

My favorite part of Interior Design is when I design a doctor’s lobby or child’s dentist office. When I worked on a pain clinic a few years back, I put myself in the patient’s shoes… they were in so much pain! I chose my lighting and my furniture and my textures and my colors in such a way to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. If I can take away someone’s pain, even for just 30 minutes… then I’ve done my job as a designer.

When I work on a kids dentist office, I bring myself back to being 5 or 6 years old and how terrified I was of the dentist. I think…”what would have worked for me then to make me feel ok?” and then…that’s what I do!

We have the power to impact thousands and thousands of people in one day… we do! Both commercially and residentially… We can make a house into a “home”…

Q: Can you share one design tip for those of us who want to re-energize our home?

F: The most cost effective and FUN way is PAINT!!!! So many of us live with white or cream walls… so here’s your homework… look at your most favorite piece of art work.. perhaps it’s a Birthday card…or maybe it is a book cover… find your inspiration and ask yourself WHY do you love this? Does it make you feel a certain way? Is it the color? Is it the shape?… then sit down with some colors and re-create that feeling.

The beauty of it is that it’s just Paint! You can always paint over it… A beautiful yellow wall… a soft ocean blue room… a tea green… an olive green… tomato red… pastel pink… It can be anything that you want!

Quick tip: buy a quart or sample jar and paint a section of your wall first. Watch the color for 24 hours… watch how the light changes and how the color will change… take note of the surrounding colors in your furniture or the plants outside… all of these colors will bounce around and change your sample… you may need to tweak your decision according to what you see.

Quick tip #2: paint a piece of cardboard and carry it around to different parts of the house… that way you can see what it will look like with different flooring and different furniture.

Q: I know that environmental impact is something that you are conscious of in your work. How has this affected your approach to projects?

F: Some of my clients still are not aware of LEED and Green number one is to start with education. Then, I introduce samples that are cradle to cradle, or perhaps made of post consumer products, or made with renewable resources… I try to do my part as often as I can and as much as I can. If we all do a little bit, we will live in a new world!

Q: You are passionate about your organization, Ella Group, and making helping others a priority. What words of encouragement or advice do you have for those who have the desire to help but may feel as though they don’t have the time or special talents to commit to worthy causes?

F: I truly believe that anything is possible. Some of us don’t think we have the “time” or the “money”… I was one of those people. Then I realized that I just had to “make” the time…and the money would just come! If you share your beliefs with others, if you share your thoughts and your dreams….then you will attract others that believe what you believe…the money will come… I promise you that. My sister and I had only dreams of starting our nonprofit ELLA Group…and we shared and shared until a group donated $10,000. It was amazing!

As for the talent…we all have the talent to give back…we all have the talent to love and commit ourselves to change…it’s there… What might keep us from doing these things are our own fears, fears of “doing it wrong” or fears of “not looking good”…or fears of “FAILURE”…. but if we don’t try we will never succeed. I met a pro golfer named Maria a few years back and she said this “If you don’t play, you can’t win” …. and I had heard this many many times but it wasn’t until this pro-athlete said it… that it made sense. She was constantly going out to train and would have really bad days…she would lose and lose and lose…. but then, She Won! I knew, that if I didn’t go PLAY in this game of my Life then I would never win.

And so, I’m playing! It’s so much more fun than regret and there is no failure in my world… if something doesn’t work, then I try something else. It doesn’t mean that I failed…it just means that I need to find a different way. So my encouragement… is to find your passion and go out and PLAY! and invite your friends!


Many many thanks to Florencia for making today an inspired day. Visit Within Studio’s website for more information on their interior design services. Do not miss Within Studio’s blog, where Florencia keeps us up to date on interior design, fashion and more! Like Within Studio on facebook and follow Florencia on twitter @TucsonDixie. And of course, don’t forget to visit Ella Group’s website,, to learn more about their efforts to prevent violence for women and children.

Friday, April 22, 2011

{Getting Fit Part II}

Last year we posted about the FIT chair by Kimball Office.

(find the post HERE)

Well... we are thrilled to finally have a FIT chair in our office!

It is black mesh and Beautiful!! Stop by the office and come have a Sit!

We were so excited we had to share!!

Have a great Friday!


Fit Facts:

Interesting and comfortable seating for multiple atmospheres:

  • Mesh FlexZones offer support where the user needs it
  • Nesting design allows for easy storage when not in use
  • Removable headrest can be positioned anywhere on the frame for personalized comfort
  • Bold and basic colors to complete any setting

Thursday, April 21, 2011

{spring shopping}

Spring is HERE!!!

There are two companies that are Screaming SPRING to us!!!

The first one that I want to talk about is Adeline Adeline!

The have a great HERE..and a great HERE.

When we think of spring..we think of riding our bicycle downtown..or in the park...

time to Spring accessesorize our Bike!

The website is super user friendly! Here are some of our favorite picks!

Ok, now to go with our New bike.. we will need a new outfit! Most definitely!

For that..we go to Lilly Pulitzer! Tell me that you know this store!! Oh my goodness!

Well..for need to check out their website by clicking HERE.

It's Spring all the time in there! We are in love with all the juicy delicious colors... the fabrics..the patterns!

Take a look! Here are some of Our favorites!

Happy Spring everyone!

Hope you find some time to ride a bike this weekend!



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{geek inspiration}

Ok, we will admit it... we were Geeks in Highschool..

well, I know I was! And Proud Of It!

Biology Club, Math Club, Speech Team, Library name it!

I wish I would have had "Geek Chic" back then!

Today we are crushing on!!

They have a gorgeous and so Chic Geek Collection!

Check out the Five things You Have to Have Here!

Below we share their Geeky Fabulousness!

Cheers to all my proud Geeks Out there!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{color me purple and gold}

Happy Tuesday All!

Today's color inspiration? Purple and Orange!

LSU Colors ...but a bit on the boutique side!

No tiger stripes and football here....

Just plain pretty....

I was never a fan of purple and gold together (no offense to my fellow Tigers)..

but this...

This we like!



Photos from Decorati.

Pain chips from Dunn Edwards Paints.

Monday, April 18, 2011

≈Stelly's World≈

≈ A sweet post from our Guest Blogger, Leslie ≈

Just Be

At the age of 27 I am beginning to realize more and more the beauty of stopping and just being. My "little sister" and I decided to hit up the park one sunny afternoon a couple of weeks ago. While she sat across from me doing her math homework, occasionally asking for my input, I carelessly flipped through and old Dwell magazine and ran across an article featuring Anders Färdig.

Of all of the things he had to say, this is what stuck with me:

"My favorite place is my farm in the southern part of Sweden. It is my platform for meditation. I have been renovating a boat in the barn for 20 years, and that boat will never be ready. It's so dry that if I ever took it on the water it would sink immediately - and I know that - but it's not important. The importance is the smell, the music I play, and the beer I drink. I can sit there doing nothing. I love it."

Isn't this beautiful? Can you sit somewhere doing nothing and love it?

I was reminded to take my nose out of my magazine and soak up the everything that was around me and just be. I let the sun kiss my face and when I turned back to my magazine, I noticed a tiny little caterpillar making his way across Mr. Färdig's interview. For the next few minutes we watched this magnificent little creature journey from my magazine to the picnic table… then out of sight. He was less than one quarter inch in length and approximately one millimeter wide, bronze with big, bright orange spots, and he seemed to have more fuzzies on his tiny little body than a kiwi fruit!

This spring don’t just stop to smell the roses… stop to watch tiny caterpillars, kiss your babies, smile at someone, swing on an old swing set and feel the wind blow across your skin, let the sun kiss your sweet face, fall in love... again, and find the peace that surpasses all understanding in just being.


Lots of love to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Acadiana!

Friday, April 15, 2011

{friday fotos}

Happy Friday friends!

Today a quick share about an amazing Stock Photography site called Stockland Martel Archives.

Beautiful images of all types! The Quality is fabulous!

We had to share!

Happy Weekend to All!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

{ashville wonder}

Hello Lovelies!

How is your Thursday going?

Ours if beautiful!!

Our friend Gabriella sent us some of her photos from her recent trip to Ashville, NC...and we had to share!

We've never been, but after seeing these pics we want to go!


Have a fantastic Thursday!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{portfolio time}

Hello Desin-istas!

A few weeks ago we were invited to attend a Winter 2011 Porfolio Show at the Art Institute of Tucson

What fun to see all of these Soon to be Graduates present their work! Here is our future!

These photos were taken by one of Ai's photography students, Crystal Papion.

There was amazing food and wonderful smiling and proud faces!

A few nervous ones...but mostly, thrilled to be Done!

Enjoy the pictures!

A big thanks to the Art Institute for inviting us!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{write on this}

Good Morning!

Within Loves journals and pretty papers!

Look at the lovely design from Felt & Wire Shop.

Let the inspiration flow!



Monday, April 11, 2011

{simply sweet | birthday week}

Today is my Birthday!
And I am stumped as to what to Blog about!
I love so many things... and I cannot pick just one...
so instead.. today is just all about Birthdays...
and things that I love...

{I love to travel, eat croissants, sketch and doodle, take photos, see beautiful architecture...
be with my husband, I love lots of flowers....}

{I really good book..did I mention my husband?... I Love being nice...I love giggles..
I love sweet kisses..and a good cup of coffee... I love simple joys in life...}
* * * * *
You might be asking if I am taking the day off?
Nope, I am doing what I love...and I am off to work!
Today I have meetings starting at 9am and I am teaching a
Design class from 6pm-10pm!
Perhaps I'll take a little break for some Birthday Sushi!
Cheers everyone!
See you tomorrow!
photography thanks to:
getty images
pretty light
ivy's style

Thursday, April 7, 2011

{vavoom sassoon}

Ok, so flipping through our stack of Architectural Digest, and we come across an article

on Vidal Sassoon's House!


The full article is Here.

But just a taste of the awesome house!

Check it out!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{etsy loves}

It's been a while since we've blogged about our Etsy Loves!

So today we start with INspiration from Elle Decor Magazine and take it to Etsy!

These artists Rock! You should definitely visit their stores via the links below!

Lets begin!

1. Vintage bohemian boots from Thrush

2. Vintage jars from Some Other Prairie

3. Bubble pendant from Man Made Designs

4. Tunic from LWangsLife

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Our clients are always asking for help on Wall Decor.

What to do? What to hang? How to hang it? How many? Too many? Too little?

So, today's post is about Wall Decor..but an alternative to your typical photos and art...

What else is out there?

Within Investigates!

Ok, so if you absolutely MUST frame something, why not a great sketch?

Or something that has grate value like the flower your grandmother gave you three days ago?

Ok, so maybe this is all too far out for some of you..

If you'd like to stick with framed photos and art, check out Elle Decor's Article on

"How to Hang Art Like a Pro".

It's a great read!

There's also Velcro as an option..says Real Simple Magazine.

Real Simple also has an article on how to Decorate Your Walls in Two Minutes!



Images thanks to!

Architectural Digest Magazine

Reuben Miller

Lively Elements

Monday, April 4, 2011

[Within's Spring]

Hello friends!!! We have arrived to April! Amazing how time flies!
It's time to talk a little bit abut Spring we'll start with US.

Back in July I posted a little personal blog about my Summer style and life.
Then in Winter I posted about our favorite gems...
So.... continuing with is my personal Spring Style!
#1.. a classic white tank from Ann Taylor Loft.
#2.. lightweight wool blazer from Ann Taylor Loft.
#3 ...jean leggins, scruntched up a bit.. from The Gap.
#4 ...cargo pocket bag.that I LOVE... from The Gap.
#5.. spin pins by Goody they keep my short hair up and it stays!
#6.. simple chain necklace from Target.
#7.. linen scarf from Banana Republic
#8.. any fedora that I can get my hands on! This one is from Forever 21.

And we are completely serious about this.. ask anyone that sees me walking down the street...
We promise never to make this up =)
More Design In-spiration coming this month!
Stay tuned!
Cheers to Spring!
Have a fantastic April 4th!

"Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple." Willy Wonka