Monday, January 31, 2011

[jana's cathedral hill]

Hello Within Studio Blog Readers!
This is Jana writing to you from Minnesota!
Lets Dive right in! I'll share more about myself in future posts!

I have never been a sponge for most history lessons but I am intrigued by the history of cities with character and old, beautiful buildings.
Saint Paul, Minnesota has a glorious history and many stories but I will keep this history lesson short, sweet, and mostly focused on the architecture of one of my favorite buildings.

Cathedral Hill was the first area settled Saint Paul, Minnesota in the early 1800s.
It gets it's name from the magnificent Cathedral perched on the bluff over looking the city.
Around this area you can find stunning old buildings and majestic mansions standing strong and weathered by the years.

I've always loved old brick buildings. Particularly red brick with wrought iron work and a well-kept facade. A long-time favorite is the Blair Arcade at the corner of Selby and Western, a couple blocks west of the cathedral. The impressive limestone and red brick building was built in 1887 as the Angus Hotel. Now the upper part of the building serves as privately owned condos, one of which I would love to live in someday. Raw brick walls, wood burning fireplaces, and beautiful views of bustling Selby Avenue from the bay windows are just a few of the condos amenities. The lower part of the Blair Arcade hosts a dozen small businesses, including Nina's Coffee House and Common Good Books.

Nina's Coffee House occupies the front corner of the building. The coffee house is named after Madame Nina Clifford who was rumored to have secretly run a brothel out of the now coffee house in the late 19th century. Presumably her establishment was connected by underground tunnels to the Minnesota Club, an exclusive gentleman's club frequented by Saint Paul's founding fathers. From the huge picture windows with display areas, to the soaring deep blue ceilings, to the raw brick archways, this coffee house creates both an inspiring solo-study and a quaint social spot. Local art adorns the walls giving it a friendly, personal atmosphere.

Saint Paul's Cathedral Hill has kept its charming history alive through preserving their stunning historic buildings that is the foundation of this celebrated city.
Hope you enjoyed it!!



Friday, January 28, 2011

{Guest Blogger!}

Dear Friends!

Happy Friday to you! It is past lunch time here ..probably the latest blog I've ever posted!

I'm really excited to share some news with you all!

We have a Guest Blogger that will be joining our lovely conversations!

She is an up and coming designer coming to us Live from River Falls, Wisconsin!

Her name is Jana Forsland! And we're thrilled to have her writing with us!

She has an amazing eye for beautiful things and a beautiful hand at photography!

Hopefully she will share some of her favorites with us in the future!

Her first blog will but UP on Monday! Stay tuned!

Have a beautiful weekend all!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

{tytie books}

Happy Thursday all!

I had to share this little find on etsy!
The company is Tytie!
pretty amazing little ideas!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[great sits]

Continuing with our "Great Sits" Series...

here are some chairs that we are really hoping to sit-test one day..

Leave it to Calligaris to create some fabulous Sits!

But don't get too excited.. it's not in your local store..

these beauties are from Italy!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[nu Nucraft]

Tuesday is here!

Time to share a few images from my meeting the other day.

I met with Terry who reps Nucraft...and oooooh can I tell you I was swooning over this Neos Collection.

I loved this because you would never know you have almost an entire kitchen in there!

You have a pull out trash bin hidden in there and even storage for drinks... Such a YES piece!

I could hold a fabulous meeting in this conference room. My only comment is that I'd
warm it up with maybe a funky chair in the corner or super cool lamp. Too much OOOh and AAh
tends to feel a bit cold I think....what do you think?

I ADORED this piece! The desk itself not so much..but this fantastic filing system..aaaah..
the white door slides up and down so you can HIDE Everything! Then when you open
it you have a metal back to use magnets and you can move the trays around as well..

ooooh soooo nice! I am a huge fan of being able to hide this gets

Within's AWESOME stamp of approval!

I hope my Tuesday is THIS organized!


Monday, January 24, 2011

{within works | southwest residential design}

The new week is here! How fast is time flying for you? Oh my goodness!
The end of the month is almost here!!

Well, for today's post we wanted to share some photographs of a home we worked on about 5 years ago.

Our client decided to sell her home and buy a new one in town so she shared with us the photographsthat were taken for the sale.

As you get to know us, you'll learn that we do not photograph most of our residential interiors...
it feels like an invasion of privacy... but if a client gives their permission then we are there with camera in hand!

This particular job was one of our first ever as Within we are very excited to share with you
A Within Original!

This home is indeed for sale so if you're interest let us know!

Well that's all for now.. back to work we go!
Enjoy you're amazing Monday all!

Friday, January 21, 2011

{natasha inspiration}

Happy Friday Designers!

I think we're on an ART kick because today's post is also about art..but this time we'll switch mediums on you.

This week I was introduced to an artist by one of my students, Adria. (Thanks Adria)
This post I think will also prove that I've been under some rock because I have never heard of Natasha Wescoat.

She is amazing!

About Natasha:

Art is the heritage of Michigan native, Natasha Wescoat, who comes from a family of artists, including the famous painter Georgia O'Keefe. Her other inspirations have been Gustav Klimt, Takashi Murakami and Tim Burton. Wescoat's childhood, surrounded by geeks and crime fighting was what birthed her obsession for comic books and drawing. That love for the fantastical worlds of superheroes at a young age drew her to become a professional artist.Known for her whimsical landscapes and the popular, award-winning series, "Jeweled Trees". Since 2004, 1000 of Wescoat's original works hang in private and corporate collections worldwide. Now her colorful landscapes feature whimsical creatures and young women in fantasy themes.

Natasha's work has been seen on A&E Channel, NBC News, ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Lifetime Channel, the Ritz-Carlton gallery in Los Angeles, Leo Laporte's TWiT, Ford, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Barnes & Noble, Borders and Bed Bath & Beyond.

“I’m inspired by the lighter side of life. Through trying times, I’ve found myself coping through art and through creating things that made me happier. Brighter subjects that brought me back to life. Now, through my work I hope to be able to do that for others. I want the viewer to feel the movement, energy, and life coming from the artwork. I want my art to force people to smile again. We all need a little sweetness. A pick-me-up when the world gets too heavy. We can’t be serious all the time. ”— Natasha Wescoat.

I hope your weekend is filled with Beautiful Colors!!



Thursday, January 20, 2011

[nancy's magic]

When I was in college we took one short class on Watercolor Rendering. I loved it.

We were given a small palette of primary colors and one fabulous brush. For hours we would practice...
trying to perfect the techniques. Being very detail oriented I wanted so much to blend with my fingers
and create every single tiny detail of the interior I was rendering. Right down to the tiny outlet covers.
But I could never do it. I always had to move to another medium....

I never thought detail was achievable... and then, I grew up. As an adult I met so many amazing artists...
I've seen art created with watercolors that I have not been able to believe!

I know an amazing woman named Nancy, mother of two and married to a dear friend of mine..and
throughout the years, I would see her beautiful artworks hanging on the wall of my friend's desk...

Just the other day I caught a glimpse of her other pieces and was blown away!

I wanted to share some of these with you!

{should you want to contact Nancy, you let me know!!}

When I saw the level of detail I was jealous and astonished at the same time!
Aren't they fantastic??

Sometimes they seem like they will come alive! A photograph of these just don't do them justice.


And my allllltime favorite! The first one I every Really saw...(top)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[fire + ice]


I promised to show you photos from New Years Eve so Here they are!

We blogged a little about New Years Here. And also Here when I didn't know what to wear.

We were invited to spend this amazing evening at an event hosted by Ibarra Rosano (Amazing Tucson Architects).

It was the Best FIRE and ICE Ball I had ever been to! Their entire home was transformed into a gorgeous space
full of fun, food, drinks, dancing, and so much enjoyment! Every single detail was tended to...
when we entered the home we were asked one question...
Do you feel HOT or COOL... and that would give us the accessory for the evening...see for yourself!

I hope 2011 is wonderful fun filled year for you All!

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow we get back into Design Blogging :)

Cheers Amigos!

~Florencia + Within Studio

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

{sweet babushka}

We simply ADORE this ring by Anthropologie!

So fantastic!!! Can't wait to get one!

I wonder if this was my inspiration for a room...what would that room look like?

Have a beautiful Tuesday friends!


Photos by xJavierx.

Monday, January 17, 2011

{Safari Inspiration}

Happy Monday Designers!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Today I wanted to talk to you about this whole Safari thing going around.
What do you think about it?
I love the earth-tones and casual feeling... but I am not 100% convinced...

What are your thoughts? Would you do this in a room?

  1. Ankle boot from Bluefly
  2. Skinny cargos by GAP
  3. Belt by Anthropologie
  4. Bangles by Ted Rossi
  5. Shirtdress by Banana Republic
  6. Tote by Guess (Zappos)
  7. Over the Taupe by OPI

Photo Thanks to:



Friday, January 14, 2011

[erik rocks]

Ok, perhaps we have been under a rock lately... Why didn't we ever see THIS artist?

His name is Erik Johansson. He is creating magic in Sweden!

Check out some of his art below! 

And we have to say "Thanks MOM!" for sending us a Power Point with his images..

if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have seen them! 

Take a look!

Happy Friday All!




here is another blog that mom helped with. click Here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

{within-spiration | feel the cabreeze}

Buenos Dias Designers! How are you?
Today we wanted to talk about a company that we were introduced to a while back.
Have you heard of Cabreeze from River Falls, WI.? They design and build four season patio structures that harmonize with the building's architecture.
Sounds cool right?

An innovative idea that they are marketing to restaurants and to residential clients (as patio covers, pool covers, and four season sun rooms.)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{sweet vacation}

This Holiday Season Within Studio took a little break!

We spent time in Tucson, we drove to Texas, and after the New Year we went to Hollywood.

While in L.A. we took lots of photos...but a few for sure we wanted to share with you!

1. We played around with sketching the home we stayed in

2. While driving around we snapped a photo of this landscape..reminded us of Tucson

3. The owners of this house painted their dog on their fence, so when it barks it looks like itself!

4. A fabulous door detail

Hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[so Belle]

Happy Tuesday everyone!

During the holidays we were catching up on our reading in the office...and I did some magazine reading at home.

I sat with my Good Housekeeping magazine...and I came across this fantastic little gem by Belle Noel.

It's a handy little flower arranger! So sweet!

What do you think?

The Easy Arranger... Awesome!

Happy Arranging!


Monday, January 10, 2011

[curiouser and curiouser]

Within Studio loves the Curiosity Shoppe! Have you heard of them yet?

They are located in San Francisco and have pretty amazing little things...and some not so little.

We've mentioned them a few times, but today the blog is all about them!

The Curiosity Shoppe is owned and operated by Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom.

Here are four of our new little faves from them!


Location and Hours:

855 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA. 94110

Store hours:
Tues-Sat 12-7
Sun 12-6
Closed Mondays

Thursday, January 6, 2011

{less is more}


We are back from our Vacation and a bit behind on our blogging!

To get things are two images that I snapped with my camera while at an Art show for the Art Center Design College in Tucson.

Isn't it amazing? Less is more!


We'll be back next week with our usual Design Blog!

Welcome 2011!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

[ top 2011 trends ]

Hello designers and friends! How were your Holidays!!! We are still enjoying ours, writing to you from Hollywood California. While we're away we'd like to share with you an article from 2010~

On December 26th, a great little article appeared in the Arizona Daily Star.

Thanks to Gillian from "Home is a Four-Letter Word" we were represented quite's the article for you!

[Comfort is top '11 trend]

Homes are still not selling, new jobs are not forthcoming and money's tighter than tight.

Do you want to read on?

Please do. Because if the world outside is confusing, chaotic, extraordinary and disheartening, we can always close the door on it.

And that's why our homes are becoming even more important: nests, security, and places to be happy amid the turmoil and uncertainty.

Interior design trends are mirroring this. Next year we'll want bright and happy, but we'll also want affordable. We'll accessorize, reupholster and continue to be economical with space and décor.

We'll buy wisely, if at all, and we'll want our pieces to be meaningful - whether hand-crafted locally, basket-woven in Nepal, or passed down from our grandparents.

We touched base with some of Tucson's design movers and shakers along with some national experts to find out exactly what to expect.

Not "ooh" but "aah"

It's all about comfort, say our experts. People want a home that's a great home rather than a great house, says interior designer Florencia DeRoussel.

"One of my clients told me 'I don't want an 'ooh' house, I want an 'aah' house."

James Martin, president of the Color Marketing Group, an organization of design professionals who identify design color and trends, echoes the sentiment when describing the spring color CMG's named as it's hot spring choice.

It's a neutral with roots in orange called Barefootin'. "When was the last time you slipped off your shoes … Ahhh. It is just that feeling," says Martin.

Recycle, re-use

Homeowners short on money are looking to what they have already: pieces from the bedroom that can be used in the living room; furniture that can be adapted, hand-me-downs, and great antique pieces they may not have found a use for until now.

They're reupholstering, adapting, making do - and enjoying the comforts of older styles, perhaps popping with a bright, modern fabric.

"We're really appreciating what we have and not necessarily seeking the fresh and the new but what's comforting and what we love," says DeRoussel.

"When it comes to purchasing, it's very very selective. Many people are re-using," says interior designer Larry Deutsch.

Morgan Trevers, manager at Tucson's three Table Talk locations, says even with new purchases, Tucsonans want a used look like shabby chic or distressed painted wood.

A new sort of shopping

We're shopping estate sales, yard sales, salvage yards, our neighbors' sidewalks, our parents' and friends' homes, and our own rooms.

We're getting über-savvy about what we buy and the (little) money we spend. So pity the retailers who want to lure us back, says Deutsch. He isn't seeing much new or quality in furniture unless it's very high-end and one-of-a-kind. "They've pretty much already stretched the limits of plastic and metal and weaves."

Trevers says consumers have "freed up the credit card a little bit" this holiday season, but they're still cautious: buying one or two items at a time, deciding exactly what they're going to buy, saving up first and taking advantage of layaways.

The new ruralism

Buying local isn't just about produce; the farmer's market craze has snowballed to locally made gifts, clothing and home items.

Tucson color expert C.J. Volk calls it "new ruralism". "People are searching for things that are truly authentic, from farmers' markets or homegrown or home-made, or purchasing things from local artists."

It's not complicated

With less stuff, less money for stuff, and less desire for extras, people are no longer just filling walls, room corners and shelves for the sake of it. Instead they're thinking more about what they buy and accessorize with, and investing a little in art and framing rather than rushing out to buy a print that matches their rug.

And it's spilling over into color, too. Watch for a color palette Pantone, the global authority on color, has tapped for next year called "Clarity". Made up of pure whites, cool blues and greens, and ethnic splashes of mauve, violet and Tibetan red, it's straightforward with no extraneous details, says Pantone - just like our lives have become.

Formal, flashy R.I.P.

The formal dining room has been finally laid to rest, and instead we're spending time and money in our kitchens and family rooms and - even in larger homes - creating a more relaxing space.

The days of having TVs in every room may be disappearing, too, says DeRoussel. She's seeing clients put a TV in a designated space or room, and opening up family rooms for family time again: board games, reading, hanging out.

Confidence emerges

Old plus new, traditional shapes covered in bold new fabrics, quiet neutrals and pastels with splashes of bright color and ethnic prints add up to a sense that as homeowners we're growing confident enough to develop our own mash-up of styles.

Maurice Brantley, interior designer at Copenhagen Imports, sees fabrics influenced by graffiti and pixilated images, and clashing patterns.

"It's very experimental, it's artsy, it's expressive. And at the other end we're also seeing understated and neutral and very calm."

What our experts say:

"People are still looking for multipurpose functionality. It's across the board - bedroom, kitchen, dining room, family room."

- Morgan Trevers

"(Clients) want their purchases to mean something, because they're spending the money."

- Florencia DeRoussel

"There's a bold, inventive movement of color. It's very experimental, it's artsy, it's expressive."

- Maurice Brantley

"People are looking to their home to be reflective of who they are. It's about a mix of styles and self-expression."

- C.J. Volk

"There's very little that's new (in design) except for limited edition furniture. The resurgence in design is not to a great extent going to take place until the marketplace turns around. It's not going to turn around until the real estate market turns around."

- Larry Deutsch

And there's more

• Home is where the happy is: Look out for spirit-lifting accessories in bright reds and purples that can lift a neutral sofa or wall color, and seasonal changes to give decors regular boosts.

• Long live quality: Consumers want good workmanship and consistency in these inconsistent times. Hand-made, one-of-a-kind, traditional craftsmanship will be in demand, as will solid wood pieces.

• Multifunctioning: Furniture that's multipurpose will continue to be popular: coffee tables that store; sideboard/TV stands; modular furniture you can take apart and rearrange.

Our experts

• Larry Deutsch of Deutsch Parker Design, 323-8100 or

• Florencia DeRoussel of Within Studio, 465-2582 or

• C.J. Volk of Citron Paint & Interiors, 886-5800 or

• Maurice Brantley of Copenhagen Imports, 795-0316

• Morgan Trevers of Table Talk, 219-8232 or

And if you want to have a little fun

In addition to introducing a color palette suitable for general decorating, Pantone is calling Honeysuckle its 2011 Color of the Year.

In contrast the Color Marketing Group's neutral Barefootin', this reddish pink is stimulating, intense and perfect for warding off stress, say Pantone's experts. And what homeowner doesn't want a pick-me-up amidst the global gloom? Pantone sees it appearing on bed linens, small appliances, tabletop accessories and walls, as well as women's apparel, cosmetics and men's clothing.

And while Tucson's C.J. Volk sees Honeysuckle appearing in fashion and cosmetics, she says it will be limited to accents and accessories in the home.

Contact Gillian Drummond at or visit her blog at for more on next year's trends.

Copyright 2011 Arizona Daily Star. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistribute

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{into the wild}

While parooooosing Architectural Digest I came across a lovely article called Into the Wild. It showcases Architecture by Bernardes + Jacobsen.
I wanted to share this little paradise with you and add a little Etsy twist to it. All the photos of the home are taken by
Iain Kemp and the descriptive text is by Raul Barreneche.

After my little Etsy searching yesterday, I had to do it one more day!!!
These Etsy shops are beautiful and amazing! I hope you enjoy the Architecture as mush as the little gems attached to the images!

So here it goes!! Enjoy!

Thiago Bernardes of Rio de Janeiro designed a rustic beach house for the Fernandes family on the Brazilian fjord of Saco do Mamangua.

The area is so remote that the family can only reach its house by boat or helicopter.

Origami Crane by Asian Expressions

Silver foil glass pendant by Arte Bella

A view into the double-height living room from the veranda. Pivoting doors allow sea breezes to pass through the house.

Vintage Kimono by Creatively Supplied

Soy Candle by Green Briar

Earrings by Persimmon Jewelry

The family room, with a ceiling of woven straw, is a secluded alternative to the open living area beyond.

Sun Hat by Pinneapple Mint

The walls and ceiling of the master bedroom are covered in woven-straw panels, the work of artisans in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

White Snow Dress by Magnolija Dress

Birds of a feather bowl duo by Prince Design UK

Earthy Blues Bracelet by Beads Baubles N Bangles

Here are a few final shots from the article.
For the complete article click HERE.

Have a fantastic Day!



Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple." Willy Wonka