Monday, February 28, 2011

[IIDA Couture 2011- Part 4]

It's time! We've been waiting to share this with you for days!
Here is our IIDA Couture 2011 entry!
*remember..we were given Paint as our product and Quilt Gold as our color...that's all we could work with....*

Cover the Earth.
With inspiration.
With bold and vibrant energy.
Welcome to the future.
It IS self expression.
Celebrate your individuality, your strength, and inner beauty.
Wrap yourself in pure gold.
Dare to be Extraordinary.
This look is eclectic and confident, energetic and urban.
Inspired by the neon graffiti of Beijing …the bright rich colors and sensual lines…
This is the experience of a new art… this is the new urbanization
This next generation is street style urban chic.
Imagine a world where individuality is King…
Where the diversity of voices and styles comes to life.
This is a Global Transformation to a fresh and unique lifestyle
Here, being different equals power.
Lets go Global..
Lets Cover the Earth.
The night was amazing!
and of course.. no fashion show would be complete without a Photo Shoot by AZ Foto.
and more and more fun!
and a photoshoot for Apple Phones...
and playing with a little fire....
That's all the photos we will share for now!
Later this week we will show you all of the amazing competitors!
You will not believe your eyes!
Until then, hope you all go play with a little fire today!
Have fun!

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