Thursday, September 30, 2010

[ Sit on This ]


Apparently there was a chair design competition that we didn't hear about....

while surfing through the internet we found these shots!

Which made us think....which chair are we?

our pick? Top Right image from the first set. White chair, white shoes, and little pops of color.


that IS us.

Happy Creative Thursday!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{ withinspiration }

Good Morning Geniuses!

Happy Wednesday!

The question of the day is, What inspires You?

Last weekend we sat in the office working on some drawings and snapped this photo below...

Everyone has their one idea of what inspiration is. If you look through magazines or the amazing blogs

online, you'll see soooo many inspiration boards. I think each designer should have one.

So, we wanted to share ours with You! It changes multiple times a year, so here is a sneak peek into

what we think is Inspiration!

Our desks are from is our lamp...our pen holder was a gift from Suite Simplicity and those

fabulous folders are from Knock Knock.

Now..lets see if we can decipher this board for you!

  1. postcard from Tucson Historic Preservation
  2. postcard from our dear friend Dominic at AZ foto
  3. a doodle from a Murder Mystery Dinner Party that I attended this year.
  4. Thank You card from The Screening Room. We volunteered our services to renovate this Tucson gem!
  5. PopCycle! An amazing local store. We blogged about it HERE.
  6. card from a genuine and sweet local designer, Christina Haynes.
  7. a "designy" Thank You card from our friend and local designer, Chrise.
  8. We attend the HD Expo every year, and we always return with a 1 cent voucher. It's Tradition!
  9. Fromental: couture for your walls. So chic!
  10. Last year at the HD Expo we had dinner HERE. Thank you Dragon Noodle Co. Yum!
  11. another postcard from our friend Dominic at AZ foto
  12. Postcard from a great local artist, Vytas Sakalas. Great teacher and artist
  13. Our friend Lizzy brought us this gift and we had to keep her ever so sweet tag
  14. A sketch that my nephew did of the Statue of Liberty. One of my most favorite things
  15. Rulers of Architecture. A cute gift from our assistant Brittany. Thank you Britt!!
  16. Another Lizzy creation. A Thank You card....Thank YOU Lizzy!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[ Great Sits ]

Hello Tuesday!

What are YOU sitting on right now?

We recently had the pleasure of test driving a few chairs....soooo nice!

Our fantastic rep, Rena Forest from Forest Associates brought some by.

We sat in Aceray and Segis pieces.... and we did not want to get UP!

Rena also brought us by some information on Knoll for kids. WE LOVE this!!!

Classic Knoll pieces for our little ones to sit in! I call them mini-knolls.

I love good design. Thanks Knoll! Thanks forest Associates!

Cheers to good seating!


Monday, September 27, 2010

{ Cocktail Hour }

Hello lovelies! Happy Monday to you all!

Recently we attended a fabulous cocktail event at North Restaurant.

It was hosted by some fantastic reps of ours:

Spinneybeck, Nora, and J+J/Invision

What a great evening! The patio was filled with designers, laughter, wine, martinis, leather, carpet, and rubber samples...

and don't forget FOOD!

A Big thank you to our three reps Mary Wolfe, Laura Davis, and Sara Auden.

The night was genius! The samples were fabulous! The gifts were thoughtful...

food plentiful...and wine delicious!

So for those designers out there reading this blog, I hope you take a few moments this week

to thank your reps and your vendors. I don't know where I would be without them.

They are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

My doors are always open to them. If you get to be "too busy" to meet with them, then

I suggest you make some changes in your business life... reps are gems.

Spinneybeck brought some delicious leather fabrics.. some woven, others engraved, some floor tiles...

and they even have leather pulls... lovely.

Nora introduced us to some great tiles. We drew on them with permanent marker and the marks came right off!

J+J/Invision showed off some new broadloom and tiles. The colors were fabulous and the texture fantastic!

Thanks everyone for a great night!!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

* Oh Baby Part 2 *

HI all!

Not sure if you remember but back in July we posted "Oh Baby" about one of our current jobs..a kids room!

Our client, a fantastic 4 year old, chose the Animals and Outdoors theme! And we ran with it!

Walls have been painted, furniture is on its way, and now we're looking at fabrics to recover chairs and make

a new headboard for his bed.

Here is our inspiration for it:

We are thinking a nice loooong headboard and we will follow the line of that headboard

with our two tone walls....

Can't wait to see what happens next!

The fabrics that you see are from Kravet Fabrics ... don't you just love those sweet birds?

Oh and we are definitely getting one of THESE!

Have you visited The Land of Nod? Oh my goodness! It is a treasure chest of Wonderful!

Hope you all have an amazing Friday....

we're off to do some more shopping! and then move on to the next room in the house!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

{Re Upholstering Tips}

Yesterday's post got me thinking...

what can I do to help my clients, potential clients, friends, and fellow readers out there?

I mean, in regards to upholstery.

Perhaps yesterday's post got you excited about your grandmother's rocker? or your uncle's side chair?

Well, in case you're thinking about are two cheat sheets for You!

(and only for you)

This should give you an idea of yardage for your chairs, so that when you DO find that right upholsterer,

you will have a bit more knowledge in your back pocket!

If you decide on a fabric with a large print or "large repeat" then you will need to purchase more.

If you want a double cording (edge detail) then you might need a little more...

but this is a good estimate.

Prices can range from $50 for a tight seat to $400 for a club chair....

from $600 sofa to a $900 sofa....

There are lots of little hidden costs... for example:

  1. are your cushions attached?
  2. are your cushions loose?
  3. do you have buttons or tufting on your chair?
  4. do you want nail heads?
  5. do you want down / feather fills?
  6. are your springs in good condition?
  7. do you want to add a skirt?
  8. do you want to change the shape of the back? arms?

So....just in case you're a little overwhelmed... or perhaps a bit scared about the whole process..

well..don't be!

now you've got these handy colorful cards...

As far as yardage price goes... it is all over the place!

It really depends what you're looking for. If you keep your eyes peeled, you'll find some great deals

at various local fabric shops...

But do your research before heading off to these shops... remember that you don't want to put silk on the

living room couch that everyone eats popcorn on...

and you probably don't want vinyl on something that is going to go outside.. especially here in Tucson..


Have fun and enjoy the process! It can be beautiful and fun.

Our office chairs are currently at Belle Epoque Upholstery, and we cannot wait to finish them!
Photos coming soon! If you missed that post, you can find it HERE.
Have a lovely Day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Recover or not To Recover (that is the question)

We always tell our clients that if you are thinking about recovering your chair or sofa, you should really be aware of the cost.

Sometimes it is definitely less expensive to purchase a new piece altogether.

There are times though, that we believe you really should invest in an upholsterer.

1. if you have an antique piece

2. if it is a family chair, or has great history

3. if it is Super comfortable

And we know a little about upholstery. My father has been running his own company for Years!

He is a craftsman, a truly gifted artist. Belle Epoque Upholstery is The place to go!

So we went on to BEU's facebook and thought we'd share a few of their Before and After pics.

They have seen hundred's of pieces come through their doors, but here is a tiny selection ...

Most of these are antiques... and some had to be reconstructed and glued back together again.

This set was quite eye catching. I remember walking into the shop..and...

Whooaaa that's Gold!

This one I almost didn't recognize!

This one was one of the most amazing ones that I had seen.

It was completely redone in leather.

Amazing right?

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

~ within

Monday, September 20, 2010

{Romantic Monday}

Good Morning friends...

Today we were feeling a little romantic... Maybe it's the weather..

Maybe it's September...

Here's a little something just for you...

We love this delicate color combinations... it's's's aaaahhhhhhh


Sunday, September 19, 2010

[ Just Love ]

Happy Sunday friends!

Sitting in the office wrapping up some work, and I came across some images that I took a few weeks back.

Some of you might know that I teach once a week at The Art Institute of Tucson.

This quarter I have been teaching Residential Design Development from 6-10pm.

One evening last week, I packed up to leave and noticed something really
different on the pin up board. I smiled in a way I hadn't smiled in a very long time.

So, I bent down, and took one of the three remaining pieces. Kept in in my pocket.

I smiled all the way to my car. When I got to my car,
I noticed that a small bird had hit the window
of the building and lay dead by my car.
I knelt down to the poor little bird, and placed the "I love you too"
token under his wing.

A quiet moment at 10pm.

But I'll never forget it.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

{Weekend Laughs}

We just found this amazing Blog called LunchBreath. Wow!!! We couldn't stop laughing!
We'd had to repost their latest post..... these guys are fantastic!!

You can find them on Facebook by clicking HERE.
You can purchase from them on Etsy by clicking HERE.
and you can follow them on Twitter by clicking HERE.

Friday, September 17, 2010

*Getting FIT*

Last month we met with our fabulous Kimball rep, Jennifer.

We caught up on life and work, and she introduced us to the new

FIT chair by Kimball Office.

We loved it!

Now, we admit that at first it looks a bit odd...but ooooh after seeing the photos it looks so comfortable!

We are excited to get a few for our Grand Opening in November!

Fit Facts:

Interesting and comfortable seating for multiple atmospheres:

  • Mesh FlexZones offer support where the user needs it
  • Nesting design allows for easy storage when not in use
  • Removable headrest can be positioned anywhere on the frame for personalized comfort
  • Bold and basic colors to complete any setting

Thursday, September 16, 2010

{ daVinci Does It Again }

Well, we just couldn't help ourselves and had to post another daVinci.....
Look at these stairs!
Cantilever well done. clap. clap. clap.

Not sure how I would feel walking up them...but they sure are pretty to look at.
Cheers all!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pancake Meow

Within spent the week going through our bookmarks manager... reviewing..deleting.. updating.. etc..
and we found Pancake Meow ..again. It had been forever and a day since we had been on Leslie's site....

So here are some of her images... her link..and a little tiny bio...
You can also find her on this awesome site called Aeolidia.
(which by the way is fantastic!)

"Leslie Dallion of Pancake Meow has many crafty interests. If she's not making her scented jewelry treats out of polymer clay, she's sewing, knitting, drawing or making music in her band The Lolligags."

have a super super sweet Wednesday,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whoa There!

While cleaning up our bookmarks manager, we came across a link for Moz Designs.
They provide metals and architectural products...
while browsing through their portfolios we came across these gems..

Which made me think...
People always ask if Within Studio has a style..and we say
"No, we create whatever the client's vision is"
but then I saw this.
And I must say that Within's style is not this.
Kudos to the designer who can do this...

I guess you could say we are a "less is more" kind of company....
But we totally see this underwater concept in the above photo....
did we get that right?

Never-the-less, the products are beautiful.

Monday, September 13, 2010


We absolutely adore this little company called Egg Press.

They have been around since 1999 handcrafting letterpress cards.

Egg Press is located in Portland, Oregon and they boy do they know how to Press!

There is a fabulous online store and they even sell you stitch kits!

one thing is cuter than the next...

Happy Sweet Monday to you all!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall 2010

We've been throwing around ideas for Fall 2010...this isn't our typical Inspiration board...but

a work in progress that we wanted to share..


  1. Chloe 2010
  2. Three Potato Four
  3. Ericka McConnell
  4. Moschino Rosette Clutch
  5. Gilgarran Boots
  6. PB Oval Doorknocker

Thursday, September 9, 2010

San Xavier Revisited

We love to take little weekend trips to Mexico....and on our way, we always stop
for some fry bread...for some inspiration...for some fantastic architecture..
We dropped in for a visit two weeks ago..and wanted to share a few more pics...

Our previous San Xavier post was Here.

Have a fantastic Thursday!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Design Architecture Fabulous

Welcome to Design Fabulousness!

While doing research for a client, we came across a post by

called The Six Courtyard Houses

We were amazed!

So off we went to find out who these designers were..and of course ..they are HERE in Tucson!

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects.

one photo was better than the next...

This is a team that we hope to work with in the future.

Simply put... Wow.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bens Bells

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

If you live in Tucson and you have NOT visited Bens Bells then you need to Go Today!!

For those of you that do not live in Tucson...this is something so sweet, so kind, so inspiring..that you need to see it!

Many years ago, a little boy named Ben passed away... the kindness from the community helped

his family heal....through this love and kindness grew an amazing non-profit organization that helps

spread Kindness to the world..... we have added the story to the bottom of this post.

At Ben's Bells you can spend time painting...creating... and helping spread kindness...

These bells are spread all over...and if you are lucky might get to find one..

The bells are sent out throughout the city twice a year...they have also traveled to New York and even Iraq....

Each bell might be touched by a dozen people before it gets to you...

We were blessed to find one last year...and it is hanging in our home.

Last week we took a day off work to go volunteer at Ben's Bells. We spent time painting...laughing..

talking... giggling...and leaving our mark for others to one day find...

Bens Bells Mission:

Our mission is to inspire, educate and motivate each other to realize the impact of intentional kindness

and to empower individuals to act according to that awareness, thereby changing our world.

They even have a fabulous Shop Here!

We could go on and on about this Project...but the best thing is to share Ben's story....

If you come to Tucson, please visit Ben's Bells....



Below we have cut and pasted Ben's Story:

March 29th, 2002 started as a very normal day in our lives. Our sons, Matthew – nearly 6 and Ben – nearly 3 – were home playing with a playmate. Ben had a cold and a bit of a croupy cough. We were not alarmed. Never did it enter our minds that Ben was seriously ill or that he could die. And then he did. It only took seconds for him to become unconscious after his airway swelled shut. Jeannette’s efforts at rescue breathing and CPR were in vain as Ben’s airway was completely closed. In those moments on the morning of Good Friday our lives changed forever.

The depth of pain we were experiencing was beyond description. Every parent’s worst nightmare was our reality and we didn’t know how we would possibly survive. More than anything we just wished we could die. Perhaps we would have died if not for Matthew. He was still alive and he needed us as he had never needed us before.

Slowly, we began incorporating coping strategies into our lives. We came up with a design for Ben’s Bells and started making them in our back yard studio with friends. The therapeutic effect of working with clay was amazing as was the power of being surrounded by people talking and working toward a common goal. We decided to make hundreds of the Bells and distribute them randomly in our community to encourage the kindness that we so depended on to get through each day. Since Ben’s death, it had been the kindness of others, strangers and friends, that had helped us begin to heal. We wanted to find a way to pass on that kindness and to help others in the process.

On the first anniversary of his death, hundreds of Ben’s Bells were distributed throughout Tucson, hung randomly in trees, on bike paths, and in parks with a written message to simply take one home and pass on the kindness.

The ripple effect that followed was wonderful and startling. Individuals finding the Bells had stories to tell - lots of them - about grief and healing and hope. Our local newspaper printed the story - front page - next to fast breaking news of the recent war in Iraq. School groups and businesses and individuals began calling to see how they could get involved and in no time, hundreds and hundreds of Tucsonans were involved in crafting Ben’s Bells.

Ben’s Bells symbolize kindness and its power in healing. We hope that they will touch others’ lives and help to make our community a more gentle place to live. We are so very grateful for our community’s incredible enthusiasm for the project and we know that we can make a difference.

Jeannette, Dean and Matthew

In memory of our beautiful boy ..

Monday, September 6, 2010

[ Lovin LuLu ]

We recently purchased a necklace from LuLu Bug Jewelry.....

(the dandelion)

We are in Love with this company!

They use silver and even concrete!

Sue Urquhart is the magic behind it all!

It is beautiful, delicate, and truly divine!!!

I hope to own my own piece one of these days...

Have a fantastic and creative Monday all!



Saturday, September 4, 2010

~Pink Weekends~

A Big Thanks to Niki for creating this really sweet collection.

Niki is an 18 year old ... but don't let that fool you... she is Super Creative!

She is inspired by Flickr photographers and puts their pieces together...perfectly.

So Thank YOU Niki! You inspire US!



"Invention, my dear friends, is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple." Willy Wonka